Sunday, July 15, 2018

World Cup Day Three

Y'all know I'm'a do one of these each day this month, right?  Any day there are games, anyway.

France beat Australia 2-1 - no real surprise there.  

Here's a highlight video from France-Australia:

I mean, yeah, it's some good soccer.  But look at 0:08 - in the middle-ish of the screen, the person wearing pink in an oval of yellow.  I saw that on TV from a different angle - I swear right next to pink-shirt was someone in a long black robe, waving their arms around and... invoking, is the word I think we need here.  I've been looking for a better clip but I gotta get grades in too - and maybe I'm just imagining things.

Iceland tied Argentina 1-1, yay Iceland!  It's their first cup!  I suspect Argentina was as surprised as anyone there - Messi tried but just couldn't get another goal.

And Denmark beat Peru 1-0.  Mmmm, Peru looked okay, Denmark looked okay - see what happens.

As I write this the Croatia-Nigeria game has just started its second half; 1-0 in favor of Croatia so far.  From what I've seen the game's been kind of boring.

I haven't seen anything else as egregious as the bad plays by the Saudi goaltender in the first game, and so far the scrappy underdogs have been the most exciting to watch (Iceland!)  Shaping up to be a decent Cup so far but not the best I've seen.


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