Sunday, July 15, 2018

Second day of the Cup

We're appreciative that you're an ally, Mark.

So the Spain-Portugal match looked really exciting.  As far as I could tell someone named 'Nacho' scored one of the Spanish goals, which was cool.  Nachos are Tex-Mex though so probably an anomoly.  The game tied three-to-three at the end (they don't go into over time or anything, in this part of the Cup).  Lots of good goaltending which is what I care about the most.

But the Iran-Morocco game was more interesting, and I'm sorry I missed that one even more: Iran won, one to nothing, because of a Morrocan own-goal.   I had to go to a conference at Rose's school today - end of her junior year and plans for her as a senior (!) - so I missed the games.  Ah, well.  Her teacher showed me a cool clip though.  I wish I could find it - all sorts of fans dressed up, and a bunch of people in what looked like the Moroccan section in gaudy red robes.  Seriously - it was like they had their heads down in a prayer of some sort during the match.  It was a bit eerie, now that I write it, but maybe I was misinterpreting something that went by quickly in a crappy youtube thing from Russia.

I'm trying to find a good video - if you go here:

You can at least see the highlights and goals and stuff.  

Let's see - the next game I'm looking forward to is Nigeria vs Croatia - not because it will be a good game, but because the Nigerian team is always fun to watch.  Not the best, but there's a joy in the game that the Germans (for instance) don't seem to have as much of.  Germany vs Mexico on Sunday should also be tight - lots of talent there.  My money's on Germany but one never knows.


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