Sunday, July 15, 2018

Almost done with the first set of pre-lim matches

Croatia beat Nigeria, 2-0.  Not too surprising, but I expected Nigeria to do better.  There was a cloud of bats that swooped around the field and distracted the goalie during one of the penalties - and another penalty he just jumped the wrong way.  It happens.

Serbia beat Costa Rica 1-0, and Denmark beat Peru 1-0, and so far it seems like the whites are beating the browns, if you see what I mean.  Fucking European crackers.

Lots of goals scored on penalty kicks.  Some pretty aggressive play out there!

Brazil tied Switzerland 1-1 and while I don't think Brazil's gonna take it this time, they're always just a joy to watch.  They oddsmakers give them the best chance of winning, but I suspect it'll be one of the Ibereans.  Germany, France, and Argentina are looking okay, but Argentina tied and Germany lost, so maybe not.

Wish they'd shown more of the fans on the clips I was able to see - Brazil fans are notorious for partying HARD.

Mexico beat Germany 1-0 in the biggest surprise so far - and it almost looked like the German defender lost his mind for a second and kicked it in his own goal!  I'm certain that's not true, though.  Good goaltending on Germany's part for sure, but their offense just wasn't looking good today, and Mexico crushed it.

Well there's six more matches in Matchday 1.  There's 8 groups of four teams each, so 3 matchdays so that each team can play the three others in their group.  3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss.  Top 16 advance to quarterfinals.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!  Sweden v S. Korea, Belgium v Panama, Tunisia v. England.  England's the best of the lot, on paper, but we'll see how they look on the field.


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