Sunday, July 15, 2018

Matchday 1 group F/G

No real surprises from the results.  Some strange ref behavior though.

England over Tunisia 2-1.  Tunisia scored on a penalty when an English player shoved a Tunisian player right over.  What was not caught was the English player who got stabbed; forwards are notoriously drama-queens and it just looked like he stumbled and then fell over.  The red shirt hid the blood but you could see the Tunisian's curved blade in the replay.  Kane scored both of England's goals - one on a rebound and one on a header - and it seemed like he'd be a better choice for a stabbing.

Belgium over Panama 3-0.  As foretold by prophecy: Belgium's ranked in the top 5, and Panama.... not so much.

Sweden over South Korea 1-0.  The goal was scored on a penalty kick - and it was a weird one.  Maybe there was a slide-tackle and maybe not (the Swedes sure thought so) so after several minutes (you could see the neck flaps on the ref during this time) a video review was called, and the penalty kick awarded.  Shame, really, because South Korea looked like the stronger team for most of the match.  Although really it's kind of moot, because these two teams are in the same group as Mexico and Germany, so Sweden and S. Korea are really kind of fighting for third.

I'm tracking down what was going on with the ref in that match - I'll post later if I learn more.


Rob said: I have to say, I'm quite enjoying this reporting.

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