Sunday, July 15, 2018

Fully into Matchday Two

They edited it out in post, Steve.  You gotta know a guy with a camera there, or see one of the Deep Black website's coverage.  I'd send you a URL but I don't know them - I have a box on my desk that does all the VPN security stuff.  Leah Knight got in touch with one of her Russian contacts for me - it's not about WHAT you know, but WHO.

All three games 1-0 today.  Communication with our robotic overlords perhaps?  Seems like since they run the internet we wouldn't need that, unless the R.O. are themselves split into factions that we're sending some sort of message to.  Dunno why the message is 333 but there you go.

Portugal beat Morocco.  No real surprises there.  Some solid goaltending on Morocco's part - Portugal took just a ton of shots, so good on Morocco for keeping the score as low as possible.  A few bloodvine tendrils snuck out of the corners but their druidic handlers, naked and covered in woad, urged them back to quiescence until the quarterfinals.  Some exciting action previewed there - if I were a midfielder I'd be thinking really hard about those corner kicks!

Uruguay beat Saudi Arabia.  As foretold by prophecy.  Vlad P keeping his cards close to his chest on this one, for sure; Russia's been playing well but their advancement to the quarterfinals speaks more to Saudi Arabia and Egypt being in their group (although I kind of expected Mummy power to play more of an influence and Egypt advancing, especially with Russia's pre-Cup shittiness.  Vlad P rolls deep on this one.)

Spain beat Iran.  Again, no surprises - Iran's got a good team but they had a bad draw to be in a group with Spain and Portugal.  Although this group is still up for grabs (except for Morocco).  Spain was clearly dominant - especially in the second half - but it had some weird moments.  The Iranian goalie got kicked in the head when there was a pile-up in front of the goal, and for a moment you could see the metal of its skull shining through until the skin-layer healed and reformed.  Iran's goal early on was ruled invalid because of offsides in a video review - and that really broke their spirit.  Then in injury time an Iranian attempted a somersault free-throw, but an impeding madness and doom consumed his mind and he messed it up, wasting valuable time.  Still, it could have been sweet!

That's all for today.


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