Sunday, July 15, 2018

Another exciting Cup day for different reasons than the scores

Hey all.

Brazil 2-0 over Costa Rica.  Both goals in stoppage time; five minutes into the match a giant maw opened in the middle of the field and proceeded to scream for seven minutes (it was ruled too hazardous to play; the ref who approached too closely had to be carried from the field, writhing and moaning and bleeding from the eyes and ears).

Even though with that rough start it took a while to get going, Brazil dominated.  Of course.  I expect good things from them but I always do - coming from Detroit where 'team winning' = 'city burning' it's nice to see a place where 'team winning' = 'naked dancing'.

Nigeria over Iceland, also 2-0.  Bummer for the scrappy Icelandic team but Nigeria's just a tick better.  Iceland started out really strong and looked dominant during the first half, and only some really, really strong work on the keeper's part kept them from scoring.  At half time Musa took a captured Hulduf√≥lk and ate it, in full view of the Iceland team, grinning maniacally as fairy blood poured down his chest.  He's one of the up-and-coming superstars, and went on to score both Nigerian goals against a shaken and broken Icelandic team.

Switzerland over Serbia 2-1.  Serbia scored in the fourth minute; after that, every time I try to watch the game or even just highlights I just see a dark cowled face, repeating my name in a gravelly and quite sinister voice - when I come too the video is over and I am weeping, drenched with sweat, and just all in all kind of a mess.  All I remember is the terrible, terrible eyes.

Both teams were well-matched going into it, but I really don't want to think too much more about that horrible visage and the madness it seems to promise.  Good for Switzerland, I suppose.

All in all no surprises on the outcomes today.  There's a ton of analysis on what teams need to do in each group so far to advance, but that shit bores the piss out of me and I feel kind of wrung out anyway so I'm for bed.

Update tomorrow if I can keep my shit together.


Mark said: Now I see why people watch.

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