Sunday, July 15, 2018

Okay I'm a little freaked out

Hi to anyone who reads this.  This is Rose and I'm Dave's stepdaughter.  I came home this morning from seeing my sister for a week and the house was just empty.  I mean my cat Ruby is here and the dogs too but my Gramma and Grampa and my Mom and Dave and the kids are all not here.

There was a note on Dave's computer saying to make this blog?  I don't think it's Dave's handwriting though.  I don't know what's going on and I'm kind of scared.  The blog window was open and his email was too but the only emails in it were the ones Dave wrote and so I posted them here.  When people made comments I just added them at the end of what Dave wrote.  It looks like he sent them all to his Infinity group?  I guess that's cool they're into soccer and all.

Anyway I'm a little freaked out and if you hear from Dave or my Mom or anyone can you let them know I'm at my dad's?  I don't want to be alone in this house.  I'm going to tell the neighbor about Ruby and the dogs too so they'll be okay.

EDIT: I read the emails as I was posting them and now I'm really freaked out.  No one is answering their phones either.  I don't think I like soccer anymore.  I'm going to take my cat with me too.

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